11 February 2020

King of the North! No, we are not talking about Jon Snow, but our latest addition to the Trapp’d family. Our newest branch in Stockport, Greater Manchester is finally finished!

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4 November 2019

Trapp’d is now expanding and growing to produce even more immersive ways to have fun! Introducing Destroy’d, a rage room designed for people to enter a safe and controlled environment to smash, break and obliterate items that you would never get the chance to do anywhere else!

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15 July 2019

Here at Trapp’d we have 3 terrifying horror rooms. Designed to give you the biggest adrenaline rush and make you jump out of your skin. Each room Is designed down to the last detail to create an intense experience for all players who enter our rooms. Can you keep your heart rate down, stay calm […]

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Trapp’d. Bringing people together.

17 April 2019

What a fantastic night Sunday the 14th of April was. We witnessed an amazing act of kindness and bonding. We had two fantastic groups join us at the billing branch. One team ‘Melua’ played our Exordium room, and another team ‘KandyMen’ 46 Below. No relation to each other and never met before. They conquered their […]

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8 April 2019

What a crazy few months down here at the Billing Aquadrome branch. We’ve had some ups and downs but definitely going strong. On the 6th of January, Billing Aquadrome was shut down, for the annual closure, which was a bit of a surprise for Trapp’d, as it was the first closedown as a new business […]

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Our 6th Branch launches in April

22 March 2019

Our sixth! Yes, sixth branch is nearly complete in Kettering being home to our 14th, 15th and 16th escape rooms leading us to become one of the largest escape room companies in the UK, alongside some of the biggest companies in Europe! This is an amazing achievement for the ever-growing Trapp’d business and all of […]

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Trapp’d launches at holiday Park

22 March 2019

Billing Aquadrome. Home to the funfair, beautiful lakes and lots of holiday homes. But hidden deep within is our Trapp’d branch, with 3 awesome rooms. If you can battle the maze of roads to find us then you won’t be disappointed! Hidden behind the shutters of Trapp’d are 3 intriguing adventures ready for you to […]

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15 November 2017

Our third venue has now opened in Peterborough! This is an exciting stage for our little Trapp’d team as we now feel we are starting to gather a little collection of venues. But we won’t lie; the Peterborough build has been a mammoth task. These rooms are far more grand and complicated than any of […]

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Trapp’d is coming to Northampton!

25 April 2017

After the success of our branch in Corby, we are excited to announce we are opening a new venue in Northampton! We are planning to officially have our doors open on 19th May 2017 and with it, we bring 2 exciting new rooms! We will be located at 24 Connaught Street, just a moments walk […]

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