22 May 2024 - news

🎉 Exciting News for Escape Room Enthusiasts! 🎉

We’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our newest Escape Room venue at the spectacular Chester House Estate in Irthlingborough! Nestled next to Rushden Lakes, this historical gem is buzzing with events all year round. And guess what? We’ve got two fantastic new rooms that will tickle the brains and entertain the whole family!

🔮 Atticus Alberwick’s School of Sorcery 🔮

Ready for a magical adventure? Join us at the famous school run by the legendary grand wizard, Atticus Alberwick. Those pesky chest gnomes have snatched the school’s most treasured relics: the Emblems of Enchantment. Without these ancient artifacts, the school’s magical mojo is kaput, leaving wizardry hanging by a thread!

It’s up to you and your team to embark on a daring quest to retrieve the stolen Emblems and restore magic to its former glory. Think you’ve got what it takes? Dive into this enchanting tale of bravery, teamwork, and a whole lot of wizardly fun!

🧙‍♀️ Spellbound: The Witches of Chester House 🧙‍♀️

Step into a time when villagers trembled at the thought of witches and spooky tales of possession and hauntings ran wild. The notorious Marjorie Sutton, known to appear at midnight in her creepy old forest cabin, is the star of this eerie adventure.

You and your friends, ever the skeptics, can’t resist the allure of unraveling the mysteries of Chester House. But beware, as night falls, those old legends turn out to be startlingly real. With just 60 minutes to midnight, your mission is simple yet spine-chilling: locate and destroy the cursed book, escape the cabin, and make sure you don’t get TRAPP’D in the cursed forest forever!

🌳 Magic Portal: Outdoor Adventure Awaits! 🌳

For those who prefer a breath of fresh air with their puzzles, we’ve launched a brand new outdoor adventure called Magic Portal. Using Augmented Reality and GPS technology, players navigate the breathtaking grounds of Chester House, solving puzzles and completing missions along the way. This 90-minute outdoor escapade is perfect for families and brings the Escape Room experience to the great outdoors, seamlessly blending virtual challenges with real-world exploration.

Ready to book your adventure? Head over to and secure your spot today!

For more information on the incredible activities Chester House has to offer, visit Chester House Estate. See you there for some unforgettable fun! 🎉