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Victor Frankensteins Reanimation

Black clouds sprawl across the evening sky as a cruel wind rips its way through Ingolstadt, Germany. The unsettled air grows thick and angry, looming over the town like an omen of death. ‘The lull before the storm’ one Professor Victor Frankenstein notes as he takes heed from his tiny attic window.

The Professor is a young well educated man, ghostly and pale with a cough that rattles his core. Everyday the professor endures the toxic vapours, alcohol fumes, naked flames and the wretched stench of rotting flesh that fills his laboratory of horrors. Surrounding him is his grousome stolen collection of assorted body parts, bloody limbs and innards sourced from dissecting rooms, grave yards and slaughter houses.

Consumed with the desire to discover the secret to life Victor Frankenstein needs your help to finally succeed in his mission to cheat death. You too could become an evangelist of modern science by using a combination of chemistry, alchemy, and electricity; but you must work fast to unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation, your monster must be complete in time for its regeneration just as the thunder strikes!

Reanimation (Corby Only)


Having driven all night, tiredness starts to creep in, so you decide to pull in at the nearest motel to get your head down for the night. It isn’t long before you stumble across the Penteville Motel, which, judging from the exterior, has seen better days. Not a car or customer in sight and with a storm brewing outside, you decide to check in and get some rest.

You are reluctantly welcomed in by a peculiar motel manager who does not look you in the eye throughout the check-in procedure and simply points to the room you will be staying in for the night. He has a very strange presence about him, almost sinister.

You make your way back outside the reception area to room 109, thankful to get in the room to finally relax after a long day of driving. What you fail to realise is that you have just checked in to a motel where guests never check back out. You are about to endure a night of terror at the hands of a sadistic serial killer who mutilates guests by sneaking into their room once they are asleep and dragging them into his lair.

You must do everything you can to survive and make sure you don’t end up on the slaughter table in his gruesome torture chamber – with all the other past guests. If only it was as easy as leaving through the same door you entered…

NB: This room is for over 16’s only. Participants with heart conditions must check with a doctor before playing.

Motel (Corby Only)

Maine State Prison

Welcome to the Maine State Prison, also known as, ‘HELL IN A CELL’ and renowned for being the worst prison on Earth. Prisoners are left to die here, treated as slaves for the remainder of their lives and forced to live in conditions so horrific that over 500 people have died within these walls since 2014.

If you are unlucky enough to be sentenced to a term in Maine State Prison, the chances are you won’t be leaving here alive. Rats run freely around the cells, the stench of faeces and urine sticks to the back of your lungs, people are executed publicly in a display of power by the guards. This is not a prison you ever want to set foot in, let alone spend the rest of your life in.

With armed guards at every corner of the prison, only two people have ever managed to escape; the other 424 who tried were executed. Legend has it that the two heroes who escaped Maine State, left a cryptic code in their cell which no-one has ever managed to crack. Solving this code holds the only key to any hope of escape.

You were stupid enough to get yourself in here, now it’s time to prove that you’ve got what it takes to get out. Crack the code and run for your freedom…or remain TRAPP’D at Maine State Prison. Forever!


Molten Creek Mine

After 11 years experience in the mining industry, you head to work just like any other day. You get into your safety gear and walk through the murky tunnels into the quotidian mineshaft. As you begin working, however, you notice that something feels unfamiliar… almost dangerous. Suddenly, an ear-splitting crack rings out as a large cloud of dust surrounds you. Blinded, you try desperately to search for the cause and make sure your fellow miners are unharmed. The support beams in the mine that you and your team have been working on have given way and the mine is beginning to collapse! The walls are crumbling, the ceiling is caving in, the entrance is now blocked and every second you spend in there means less and less oxygen.

The rescue team is trying their best to race against the clock in order to save you all, but the chances are looking bleak. The creeping realisation of the life or death situation is beginning to dawn on your fellow miners and panic resonates. You are left with one option, find another way out… or die in this soon-to-be catacomb!

Molten Creek Mine (Northampton Only)


After a monotonous 9 to 5 shift, you get home and look around, deciding that you need a change so you call up a few friends and arrange to do something exciting. How about that new ‘escape room’ thingy that just opened near the town? The posters look stimulating and it’s had great reviews! Everyone agrees that it’s a good idea so you decide to book in and a few days later you are standing in the blackened void that is the Trapp’d reception eagerly waiting.

You have decided to try ‘The Monosphere’ room which promises to be a crazy, mind-bending psychoactive experience all rolled into one fascinating room. What you don’t realise, however, is that the government are actually using this room to test a new form of mind-modification to try and create the ‘perfect utopia’ within society – a sort of brain-washing totalitarian epidemic, if you will. Anyone who attempts this ‘escape room’ unconsciously falls into a passive stupor of compliance and conformity… Do not let this be you! Figure out a way to escape without alerting anyone to your recognition of the untold activities being performed within this room. Trapp’d in with 60 minutes to escape… before you lose your mind!

The Monosphere (Northampton Only)

Cirque Delirium

“Roll up, roll up! Enter the mind meddling spectacle that is ‘Madame Curio’s Cirque Delirium’! Try your luck, prove your skills and test your aim… can you conquer our unusual carnival games? How about attending a captivating performance in our very own circus ring? A delightful fun-filled evening where our guests pile in, hoping to glimpse the circus’ famed attractions and maybe win a prize or two. Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself! There’s so much fun to be had in our big top phenomenon!”

The poster seems intriguing but you get this niggling suspicion that all is not exactly what it seems. Since this circus came to town people have started disappearing. Guests supposedly enter the circus, but very few come out and people seem to whisper of a ‘ghostly aura’ surrounding the circus itself. Still, your attention has been caught and curiosity is getting the better of you. You decide to go along and see what it’s all about… besides, you’ve never been particularly superstitious…

After entering, it’s all fun and games until you start to notice the abnormal silence among the workers. They seem to labour along in a zombie-like state, almost like mind slaves. They don’t blink or speak to anyone – not even each other. It isn’t until you recognise a stamp on one of their hands for Madame Curio’s fortune tent that you notice they all have the same distinguishing stamp. A quick glance towards the sage’s tent tells you that passers-by are being reluctantly coerced into entering… and they never seem to emerge. Something rather sinister is happening and you realise that you could be next. The circus closes in 60 minutes and you can’t see an exit anywhere. Maybe they blocked it off? You need to find another way out of this circus nightmare before Madame Curio steals your mind and you remain Trapp’d in the circus forever!

Cirque Delirium Peterborough Branch Only

Red Rock

An old legend surrounds the mysterious town of Red Rock. Strangers talk of an ancient rare jewel said to hold unimaginable value. It was rumoured to belong to the first mayor of Red Rock around 300 years ago who was supposedly assassinated in a political conspiracy between the neighbouring towns. Whether this jewel truly exists, nobody knows. The townspeople are not particularly welcoming to outsiders, barely leaving the town and usually keeping to themselves. The towns local sheriff, Newman “The Law” Dalton, is the only man alive who knows the real truth. But secrets never stay secret for long…

Hundreds have claimed to try and steal the jewel, but to no avail. You and your outlawed band of miscreants, The Rockboar Syndicate, are among the failed horde. After a vain attempt to break into the bank and steal the towns infamous prized jewel you now find yourself trapp’d in the sheriffs jail cell and sentenced to be hanged at dawn. With mortality drawing nearer by the minute, you and your fellow criminals decide to give the robbery one last shot. The sheriff has been called out to an ambush shooting just outside the town so now is your chance! Find a way to break out of the jail and make your way to the bank. The last train out of town leaves in 60 minutes and you want to make sure you’re on it – with the jewel in hand!


46 Below

After years of dreaming, you have finally booked your Arctic Adventure! Clambering onto the plane, you place your hand luggage into the overhead space and settle down into your seat. You were quite lucky to nab a window seat, you’ve heard the view into the Arctic is quite breathtaking! It’s a long flight ahead, a solid 14 hours but you don’t mind. Flights have never been a particular issue for you, it’s mostly the landing. However, your route does pass over the Borean Rectangle and this concerns you a little. The Borean Rectangle is a large frozen wasteland deep in the Arctic and it’s confirmed that 117 planes have mysteriously vanished over this area although no one can determine why or how. The story is the same for every plane; communication cuts out and the crew and passengers are never heard from again. No one has dared venture into this territory by foot for fear of unknown horrors... A scared man’s mind can invent all kinds of terrors. You abruptly shake these thoughts from your mind and tell yourself not to fret over trivial matters. Hundreds of flights pass this icy barren every day and only a few go missing. You’ll be fine!

As the plane ascends further into the azure blanket ahead you decide you should probably rest your eyes and recharge for this amazing expedition ahead. Your mind wanders dreamily into all the activities you have planned for this winter wonderland trip... husky safari, northern lights, snowmobiles... you’ve even planned to stay a night or two in a real igloo! Unsurprisingly, the plane experiences a fair amount of turbulence along the way, but nothing too troubling. The air hostess wakes you a few times to offer you a drink, perhaps some food? Politely declining, you return to your slumber.

You are asleep for a solid 10 hours before a large jolt startles you. You look around, the other passengers felt it too and are looking around rather alarmed. A voice sounds out above you “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. (Jolt) We are experiencing some complications with the engines. Please remain calm and stay seated.

But you cannot suppress the rising panic you feel deep within the pit of your stomach. You glance toward the lady beside you and she seems to have turned bleach white. Her eyes stare straight ahead, unblinking. A sharp pull nearly knocks you out of your seat. Suddenly, the oxygen masks drop from above you and lands conveniently in front of your face... but this makes that unnerving panic within you ring out and an involuntary yelp escapes you. Another harsh bump lurches you into the window. You make a grab for the mask and hastily fasten it over your face. All of a sudden, there is a forceful push and the plane begins to swiftly descend.

There is a collective distress happening around you but you cannot focus, you are too busy staring out of the window at the plane wing that seems to be emitting a large red flame and billowing smoke. You cannot believe your eyes. You spin around in your seat and see the lady beside you has not moved a muscle. Her flesh has disintegrated to a pasty green and she hasn’t even managed to put her oxygen mask on. The plane is shaking mercilessly now and a sinking realisation sets in... this could be the end. You grab the mask and clumsily try to help her, the wires are tangled and you cannot get it over her head. Screams plead out around you, filling your ears, your head, your brain. You know you are rocketing toward the ground and the collision will be unrelenting. You desperately fumble with the oxygen mask and just when you move the last wire out of the way, there is a deafening explosion... Black.

When you awake, your limbs are almost frozen numb. Your eyelids flitter and the pain hits you all at once. You slowly move to sit up and look around you. Your eyes meet a devastating sight. The plane is but a crumpled wreck in the snow and bodies surround you... no signs of life anywhere. The blizzard is thick and the cold is bitter to the bone. Survival is the only thing on your mind right

now... figure out a way to establish communication and signal for help, but first you must find out where exactly you have landed... Hurry, before hypothermia begins to set in and your very life escapes you!

46 Below (Billing Aquadrome ONLY)


After a blissful weekend break visiting family you are in the midst of a long car journey home. You have at least another 6 hours to go and the rain is hammering down hard on the windscreen. It’s quite calming, actually. You drive continuously along the straight, unwinding motorway, there is not another car in sight at this ungodly hour. You listen to the rain as it plunders down creating white noise, filling your head with slow, soothing thoughts. You don’t notice your eyelids drooping until it’s too late. You see a flash, you hear a crash, you feel the impact and then… nothing. You feel as though you are floating through a black void. You don’t really know how long you’re there for, concept of time seems to escape you in this dimension.

Suddenly, you hear a scraping of metal, a swoosh of material. Someone is in the room with you, you can feel it. A man’s voice speaks; “It’s only minor injuries, he should be out within a week. He’s lucky, it could have been a lot worse. We’ll keep an eye on his condition and let you know if anything happens.” “That is a relief. Thank you, doctor.” A woman’s voice. You recognise it. You try to move but your limbs don’t respond. You start to panic but the more you try to move, the more impossible it seems. There is another scraping of metal and a swoosh and you feel the atmosphere become still again. Your dark plain submerges you once again.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, you feel a sharp prick in your forearm. It pulls you out of your stupor and you can hear a faint, rhythmic beeping sound. Upon focusing on it you realise it’s your heart beat. It’s reassuring until it begins to speed up… quicker and quicker, faster and faster. Fear burns through you and desperation kicks in but your limbs still disobey you and your lips ignore your desperate attempts to shout. You hear voices, panicstricken shouting, a woman frenzied.

“He’s going into cardiac arrest, we need a crash trolley in here now!”

Your inner self is hysterical but your body makes no sign. A long, unbroken beep rings out coupled with a painful silence. That familiar voice, your mothers, screams uncontrollably “He was supposed to live!”… But you are not dead.

The next time you stir you feel a cold, hard surface beneath you. You see a blinding glare through your eyelids and you struggle to open them but they only flicker a little. A voice comes in existence, it’s the doctors voice but this time he is not concerned nor friendly. His voice is stern and serious.

“Yes, I have the body. He’s still alive, don’t worry. Kidnapped to order, just like I promised.” Pause.
“Leave the money in the discussed location and the guy is yours to pick up in an hour.” Pause.
“Yeah, yeah, I got that. He’s in the hospital morgue. You know how to get in, don’t let anyone see you.”
A door slams and silence follows. The adrenaline begins to kick in and your limbs start to tremble. The feeling is slowly returning to your body and with it, the growing realisation of what has unfolded. You have 60 minutes to find a way out of this dead man’s freezer before your torturer finds you!

DOA (Billing Aquadrome ONLY)


They say humans have inhabited earth for thousands of years. They are wrong. Humans have slowly been destroying earth for thousands of years, exhausting this once peaceful planet and everything that lived in harmony with it. 50 years ago, the predictions were publicised, earth would be in ruin and extinction would close in on us. But no one took notice. A blind eye cast towards the ‘experts’ and our trends continued. Overpopulation, nuclear atomic wars, engineered disease. All very real threats we regret to ignore. So wrapped up in universal destruction; deforestation caused by agriculture, driving catastrophic climate change and ultimately, global warming were the cause of our debilitation. Things we were subconsciously aware of but chose to ignore. We chose to destroy our beautiful home and now, the reckoning is upon us.

As you gaze out of the window across the desolate badlands, the skies burn a flaming blend of exquisite reds. The ground beneath you has completely shattered from the shrunken ozone layer. Long, connected fractures creep out for as far as the eye can see. The vivid green trees and lush, spongey grass seems but a fading memory now. It is a mystery to you, how this once thriving ecosystem can be the object of such an injurious holocaust. It has a kind of exclusive beauty about it… you wonder how it could simultaneously be so deadly.

Your brows furrow in concerned frustration at the planetary cataclysm your kind has managed to provoke. The second chance you are about to retrieve feels undeserved. There is talk of a Tetrahedron concealed within the landscape on planet Mars. You and your team of NASA scientists have been studying it for a copious amount of lengthy years and believe it may have the ability to reverse cataclysmic climate change with the help of supernatural geoengineering. It’s a long shot, but it’s the only option.

All suited up and strapped in, you sit nervously in the launch shuttle and ponder possibilities. Your mission is clear; obtain the Tetrahedron and fire it back to earth where the other scientists will begin initiation. A countdown begins on the screen in front of you and the shuttle begins hum and shake. You take a deep breath and implore the adrenaline to keep you going. No one has any idea of what to expect. Very few people have been to Mars before and there isn’t exactly an instruction manual. Initiative and logic will be your biggest assets from here on out… the future of humankind depends completely on you!

Exordium (Billing Aquadrome ONLY)


They used to shout my name, now they whisper it. A disgraced god, I used to own them. They were my things. ‘Poseidon, god of the sea!’ they used to chant. I was a feared, respected divinity. Worshipped. Now, I am but a hushed murmur. A punished inferior. An exiled mongrel. He will pay for what he has done…

Almost ten thousand years since the mysterious city suddenly sank into the emerald depths of the ocean. The stunning citadels and majestic statues now lay sunken and forgotten on the sea bed. Dancing corals creep up through the cracks in the architecture, lush thick moss covers the once pristine white, sandy temples and the brightly coloured fish dart playfully in and out of the windows. Silence deafens the atmosphere surrounding the excluded fortress. Occasionally, a hammerhead will sweep through, disrupting the peaceful solitude, but for the most part, this is the city that time forgot.

Today, you are on the verge of a break through, you can feel it in your very core. But then again, you’ve been wrong before. The last twenty-three years of research has been filled with false hope and dead ends, excitement and disappointment, trying to be the first to discover exactly why the curious city abruptly sank into the dark azure depths of the ocean. There is a whole new batch of old scrolls to sift through, extracted from a flooded parlour in the large sanctuary you and your team have recently started exploring. This was previously an inaccessible part of the citadel, you had to really push for the permission to bring this type of machinery down to the ocean floor. Hunched over your desk, magnifying glass in hand, you squint intently at the magical symbols and cyphers on the browned parchment. From what you’ve gathered over the years, you can decipher most of it. Shuffling through a few of the vellums, you can tell at a glance that this information is nothing extraordinary to the others that you have collected. It’s discouraging to say the least, but you persevere.

Your radio crackles through before it connects to the surface and a friendly voice sounds out. “Come in, Aqua. What’s the situation?”. Charlie has been a dedicated member of the research team since the expedition began. He’s a kind of aloof soul, you can’t help but adore him. Even if he does insist on silly code names. You smile through your response. “Nothing of importance but theres still a few more to look through. Could you send Hydra in again to grab another pile?”. There is another slight pause and a crackle. “Will do. The forecast up here is predicting crazy stuff. The news people reckon there’s a huge tsunami headed towards England… can you believe that?! I think the facility might get a little shaky so don’t be alarmed if you feel a couple of vibrations.”

Turning your attention back to the delicate papers, you can feel an all to familiar sinking feeling in your stomach. You will it to go away and try to remain optimistic. You happen upon an unusual looking arrangement of symbols, ones you haven’t seen before. It’s curious to say the least, your brows tie themselves together as you hurry to find a piece of parchment that might translate it. You study it meticulously, translating it a few times and a few more times again for fear of mistake. But there is no mistake. The transcription stares back at you, plain and clear and you are confused by what your brain scrambles to comprehend. From what you can deduce, it’s a sort of schedule. A prediction calendar. A list of dates, exactly three millennials apart. At the foot of the scroll, there are a couple more cyphers translating to a very small piece of text;

Triton stole the offering,
It has yet to reappear.
The cause of townspeople's suffering,
Every three thousand years.
Should the legacy stay hidden,
The city shall ascend.
Forgiveness forbidden,
Poseidon’s revenge.

As realisation sinks in, excitement starts to overwhelm you. You’ve managed to stumble upon something massive. This could lead you to the answer you’ve been searching for all these years! You’re just about to radio through to Charlie to share the good news when your eyes fall upon a date on the scroll. It’s today. In exactly an hour… You stop dead as a rising panic floods your body, coupled with a hot flush. Your memory flashes back to something Charlie said earlier “…huge tsunami… England… crazy stuff…” and suddenly it all falls into place. Atlantis is due to resurface today in an angry charge to destroy the world. Poseidon was never avenged and he intends to share his misery with the mortals who exiled him in a bid to anger the gods… more particularly, Triton. A thought crosses your mind to something you read a few weeks ago about an offering left for the gods from Poseidon. It was supposed to be his ticket into the high council. Assuming you can track down the location of the offering, recover it and return it, you may be able to stop the mass cataclysmic destruction about to reign down upon the world. At that very moment, a great quivering tremor engulfs the facility around you. You make a swift grab for the table to steady yourself. Looking out of the window, you can see panicked fish dashing to get away from the area and little air bubbles appear to be escaping from the buildings. You’d better hurry, the onslaught has already begun!



Sometimes, memories are the worst form of torture. The village used to be a cheerful, bustling township in the midst of the Kingdom. Now, it is but a forlorn kenopsia. When the curse fell upon the district, nearly everyone fled in fear. There are only a handful of villagers who still occupy the town, too afraid to leave incase the looming presence that attacked the village all those years ago deems them dishonourable. That same formidable beast now resides in what was once a mighty castle just past the edge of the village. The once tall, proud standing turrets and flags now lay in pieces, broken and displaced. For the most part, the beast is a silent resident, only emerging to hunt food or remind the townspeople of his intimidating presence and complete control.

The cursed goblet was the cause of the heinous destruction. Everyone in all the kingdom, from the depths of the deepest valley to the peaks of the tallest mountain knew about the famed beast and his prized goblet. The goblet was just one of his many, many treasures but this piece in particular was special. They say it held the power to transform any cowardly boy into an almighty god, strong and respected. Feared across all the Kingdom. But the beast would never let anyone get close enough to confirm the rumours. At 58 feet long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, deep crimson scales and a phoenix coloured crest. Dark, billowing smoke leaked menacingly from his nostrils and his eyes were ablaze with fury. He was a force to be reckoned with and they called him… Drakon.

One day, a young pauper took it upon himself to go in search of the goblet. He trekked across bright yellow fields, over cobbled grey bridges and trailed through royal blue rivers until he reached the cave in which Drakon occupied. Tiptoeing in ever so quietly, he attempted to take possession of the goblet but just as he was about to lay a finger upon the goblet, Drakon awoke. He let out a magnificent bellow and the pauper was reduced to a pile of ash in an instant. Drakon was so infuriated by the arrogance and disobedience of the people that he immediately began a frenzied rampage through the kingdom. He destroyed whole villages and forests, anything in his path was torched to rubble by the boundless flames his deep breaths produced. Finally, he began his attack on the King’s castle. People fled in hurried panic, some cowered in their homes and others were silly enough to try to stop him. Almost 20 years later, the Kingdom is a shell of what it once was. That merciless day will remain a regretful memory forever, the day the kingdom burned; the day the townspeople lost everything.

The few who still remain in a state of surviving know what must be done, but all are too afraid to attempt it. If only someone was brave enough to take the goblet and release the kingdom from Drakon’s immortal grasp…


The Forsaken

The silence woke her. The same dream again. The circle that she could not escape, the faint flickering of candles, shadowy figures looming over her and the drums… oh god, the drums. They were so loud, deafening yet… silent. It was something she couldn’t quite understand but still she knew it frightened her. Everyday for the past 3 weeks she struggled to escape the dread that followed her around, sitting on her shoulders like a mischievous pest. A constant reminder of what waits for her at the final ritual…

Esme had been acting rather strange for the past 3 weeks. No longer does she hang out with the group, meet up for their cosy weekly coffee or even return phone calls at the best of times. She’s always withdrawn and quiet, her eyes appear sunken, encased by two deep purple semi circles and you can’t help but worry. It’s not the Esme you know. Everyday, she finishes work in a silent hurry and makes the tube journey to the edge town, walking straight to the abandoned church on 48th street. It had been abandoned for many years now, falling into a steady state of disrepair. There had been reports of noise disruptions and lights coming from inside but the police assured everyone it was just the neighbourhood kids being a nuisance. Whatever it was, people tended to avoid the building all together. You wondered what she could possibly be doing in there all by herself, but offers to accompany her are sternly rejected. It wasn’t until she came into work one day with a strange navy blue tattoo on her right forearm. It looked like it had been done with a makeshift needle, the scabs were large and there was dried blood around the edges. It had obviously been done the night before and seemed to take the shape of a horned goats head. The horrific sight of this self mutilation was when you decided that you needed to find out what she was doing in that church. And you needed to find out tonight.

You waited patiently until she finished work, tidied up her desk and put on her emerald green coat. You couldn’t miss her in that coat if you tried! Following her at a steady pace, careful not to be seen, you made the trip across town and towards the tall, lonely church. You watched from a safe distance as she ducked into a cellar door around the back of the church suspiciously, looking all around her. She was completely out of sight but you knew that you had to wait. Tapping your toe impatiently, you stared down at the gravel longing for things to be simpler. The ground was wet and soggy, the leaves a brilliant mixture of beautiful maroons, bronzes and ambers. It was just a shame the October damp had spoiled them. A quick glance towards the building wasn’t the most inviting sight, but you decided it would be time to venture in anyway. You strolled cautiously across the green and down, through the door. You were quite surprised to find a little stone hallway and an old wooden trunk. Inside were several black cloaks and some masks. You didn’t really understand what these could be for but in any case, if Esme caught you then it might shelter your identity somewhat. You gently slipped into the attire, took a slow, deep breath and calmly pushed open the door. The sight that met you was certainly a startling one. Twelve darkened, hooded figures stood in a semi circle at the far end of the room. They were gathered around a crimson alter of some sort, cream candles and cinnamon incense burned lavishly around the room, the spice prickled your nose and you resisted an immense urge to sneeze. You had to squint your eyes to really take in the room, the only source of light being several lanterns lining the wall. The centrepiece of the room was a blood red pentagram adorned with melted candle wax and dried flowers. You stood deathly still, your breath nonexistent and studied the hooded figures. Close inspection revealed emerald green cuffs poking out of the sleeves on one of the cloaks… Esme! They appeared to be performing a ritual of some description. There were pictures on the wall of faces and a thick wine coloured liquid spelled out the words ‘You’re Next’. You inhaled a sharp, quick breath as your eyes wandered over a picture of a girl. It was a face you recognised. Esme.



As you stumble through the doorway of Hallow’s house a gust of cold air hits you. Your eyes adjust as you look through the dark, foreboding room. The floorboards creak as you and the rest of your team carefully walk through the rickety, unstable hallway noting the thick layers of dust consuming everything when you suddenly see something in your peripheral vision. A doll, disturbingly beautiful yet creepy and untouched. You try to look away but her eyes follow you wherever you go. You leave the intimidating doll behind feeling her gaze burn the back of your head, and carry on through the derelict corridors. You swallow the feeling of immense fear at the back of your throat and push through the terror pulsing through your body. “You've done this so many times before...this is what you do” you mutter to yourself as you continue to find your team.

The shadows that pour over the furniture make the huge mansion look so incredibly empty. You start to remember the history, the stories. The first tragic story documented was of the beautiful Abigail. An innocent little girl whose life was stolen by her cruel, abusive parents who locked her away in her bedroom for years. Tragically she was taken by the flames of a blazing fire, burnt and alone. Some say they still see a little girl walking the hallways of the huge house. Since Abigail’s death in the early 1940s, there has been a terrifying amount of disappearances and accidents within the walls, including death. The most recent event being a group of teenagers who were thought to have entered as a dare but none have been seen since 4 nights ago.

You and your leading paranormal investigative team start to set up equipment throughout the house, taking one abandoned room at a time. Hours passed as you attempt to contact any lingering spirits. With no luck, until a deafening scream echoes through the emptiness of the house. You run to see but as soon as you turn the corner, there he is, your best cameraman suspended mid-air, screaming with no more noise coming out. Eyes so wide with terror before his lifeless body drops to the floor. The sound of his screams still echoing through the house. Tears burn your eyes as you run to get your phone to call someone and the door slams behind you leaving you and your surviving teammates locked in with no way out.

You have to be logical, keep a cool head. You've dealt with unhappy spirits before, but something just doesn't feel right. Something more sinister is in play now. One step forward and you freeze. There it is, there's that doll. Realisation sets in…Abigail?


Dead Mans Cove

The waves slam and crash against the old rickety wood of the famous pirate ship; The Pillager of The Damned as it sails across the seven seas. The sound of the waves like a lullaby after being a desolate, abandoned prisoner for 7 years. So lonely, forgotten. The bars so familiar and friendly, your home for so long. The echo of the crew above your head, working, fighting and singing all to satisfy the cruel Captain Storm Jackson. Given his name for the thunder and despair that he rains down on anyone to cross his path. Always intoxicated and giving away secrets that only a locked away companionless soul could overhear. The plans to steal the legendary pearl...tonight.

Dead Man's Cove. No one fully knows what lies there, only rumours of the rare, exquisite pearl. Only one pirate survived the treacherous journey however he is nowhere to be found and is thought to have gone crazy! Now, no one knows the horrors that await them at Dead Man's Cove but plotting your escape has been effortless as the dimwitted pirates have revealed a detailed plan of their mission to search and retrieve the precious pearl. Giving you time to plot your outbreak. No longer will you be held captive by the cruel Captain Storm, you will escape...but at what cost?

The crew has left, the ship is so quiet. All you have to do is breakout of your jail cell and venture through the Pillager of the Damned’s decks without being seen! Find the raft and guide it across the stormy seas. Hurry your time has come to put your plan into action and jump over the hurdles that will come your way, freedom is in your sights…



In 1950, on our home soil, a destructive chemical called Venomous Agent X (VX) was created to wipe out millions of lives and was soon to be used in wars from 1950 to 1988. Up until 1993, when the Chemical Weapons Convention banned the chemical for heinous activities. Although the horrific chemical managed to slip through the cracks of society...

It’s now 2040 and you and your covert team have been prepped and issued a mission of the utmost importance. A life or death assignment; to infiltrate the underground Russian warfare base run by Vadik Novikoff whom has recently launched a test strike on China using a chemical weapon thought to be VX. However our intelligence has informed us of the rumoured reproduction of the chemical known know only as VX 2.0 and is now the deadliest, most destructive chemical warfare weapon of all time! If the VX 2.0 is released it could spark a world war and obliterate countries in mere hours.

Its time to shut down the operation. this is the last chance for International peace so its down to you and your squad to retrieve VX 2.0 from the underground facility, and return it to the UK for disposal. You have 60 minutes until Vadik Novikoff returns with his troops and subverts the mission. Be quick and think fast, the fate of the world is in your hands...


Road To Glory

It's a typical Sunday morning, preparing for your weekly Sunday streets game. Lacing up your boots, straightening up your shin pads, you sprint on to the pitch, ready for your local rivalry against Newbrook Colts. You can feel the grass whipping at your legs as your studs rip through the mud. The ball is kicked straight in front of you, you spin out of the path of the defenders and dribble the ball towards the goal. You could feel the weight of the eyes at the back of your head, feel the heat of the lads on your tail. You outrun two defenders then skip past the maze of legs and flying tackles around you. The keeper comes rushing out and BOOM, you nail the ball right into the top corner. The rest of the game was a blur, as the adrenaline took over you.

Two very smart-looking men approach you as you take your well-needed rest, towel around your neck, guzzling water like a camel in the desert. Turns out some talent scouts had observed you as you played, and were extremely impressed by your performance! You felt dazed when they offered you a trial for a Premier League outfit, a chance to become a professional footballer. A dream since you could kick a ball. Without a thought, you accept the offer and prepare to seize the opportunity with both hands.

Weeks flew by and you’ve shot from a trialist, to substitute to the starting 11. The newfound fame not quite settling in yet. Game after game, practice after practice all in preparation for the upcoming match…the biggest in the clubs history no less. The Cup Final. The biggest challenge of your life. The day started like any other, team tactics in the locker room, followed by interviews. It all just felt so overwhelming. You’d all taken your rightful seats perching on the benches, as the coach discusses the game plan, formation and positions. You had been made Captain for the big game, so the pressure was on for you to lead your team to glory, be the hero and bring home the coveted trophy! You pass the media room and engage in the final huddle before the match. Pats of appreciation consume your body as your legs started to tremble.

Looking down the tunnel into the bright lights of the stadium, sweat trickled down your forehead. The studs on your boots raising you to what felt like 10 feet tall. You start to jog into the abyss of the bright green grass, taking in the buzz of the crowd and the humming in your ears, adrenaline spiking. Now is your time to shine. Never back down. Time to bring it home, it's now or never...


Stockport Rage Room 1

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve just wanted to smash everything in sight? Of course you have. Well now you can do just that at DESTROY’D.

The concept is simple, we put you and a friend inside a room, give you protective clothing, a weapon and let you smash away at a whole range of items including monitors, printers and glassware.

DESTROY’D is the perfect release of stress and tension or just a fun excuse to obliterate everything you can get your hands on.


Stockport Rage Room 2

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve just wanted to smash everything in sight? Of course you have. Well now you can do just that at DESTROY’D.

The concept is simple, we put you and a friend inside a room, give you protective clothing, a weapon and let you smash away at a whole range of items including monitors, printers and glassware.

DESTROY’D is the perfect release of stress and tension or just a fun excuse to obliterate everything you can get your hands on.


Corby Rage Room 1

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve just wanted to smash everything in sight? Of course you have. Well now you can do just that at DESTROY’D.

The concept is simple, we put you and a friend inside a room, give you protective clothing, a weapon and let you smash away at a whole range of items including monitors, printers and glassware.

DESTROY’D is the perfect release of stress and tension or just a fun excuse to obliterate everything you can get your hands on.


Billing Rage Room 1

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve just wanted to smash everything in sight? Of course you have. Well now you can do just that at DESTROY’D.

The concept is simple, we put you and a friend inside a room, give you protective clothing, a weapon and let you smash away at a whole range of items including monitors, printers and glassware.

DESTROY’D is the perfect release of stress and tension or just a fun excuse to obliterate everything you can get your hands on.




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