Trapp’d has come to Wellingborough with 3 more mind blowing rooms. Hidden away on Angel Lane, just behind jenny’s on the market is our second newest branch home to 3 widely diverse rooms. Forsaken, Atlantis and The Legend of Drakon. The designs of these rooms are so well done that you feel like you have been transported to a different realm! If you haven’t been down yet come and battle our rooms and see if you can beat the records!

Feeling brave? Think you could infiltrate the satanic church hidden on 48th street, to help your friend who has disappeared after her interest in the church. Can you disguise yourselves and blend whilst searching for a way out, before the high priest notices that you aren’t who you say you are. Battle the darkness and the flickering candles in this high adrenaline adventure sure to get your heart pumping.

Or if you’re looking for more of a family room, why not come and battle The Legend of Drakon. Perfect for those younger ones aged 10+ with a fun, energetic room transporting you back to medieval times. With some challenging, and well thought out puzzles to make you work together, you need to search and solve your puzzles to locate the cursed goblet and return the life to the village which has been destroyed by the curse. But legend has it that the goblet may be protected by a dragon…

Or do you feel like a bit more of a challenge? Our Atlantis room is proving to be one of our harder rooms in the company with lots of mental puzzles to really get your brain working. Submerged under water in a submarine to help find the trident, to avenge Poseidon before Atlantis wreaks havoc on the world with huge tsunamis. Can you stay calm and work your way through the difficult puzzles in this underwater themed room. 

You can book any of wellingborough’s rooms at Join us on the adventures of Atlantis, the quest in Drakon or the terrifying undercover adventure at 50 Angel Lane,  Northants NN8 4LA. Good luck and have fun!