Trapp’d provides the perfect corporate team building event for small or large companies. All companies who opt to take part in the this business league will pit their wits against other companies in the area to see how their staff perform. Below is the top performing companies so far.

Does your company have what it takes to sit amongst the elite?

  • Trappd Area 51
  • Trappd Maine State Prison
  • Trappd Motel
  • Trappd The Monosphere
  • Trappd Molten Creek Mine
  • Trappd Cirque Delirium
  • Trappd Red Rock
  • Area 51

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  • Maine State Prison

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  • Motel

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  • The Monosphere

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  • Molten Creek Mine

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  • Cirque Delirium

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  • Red Rock

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