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Reanimation escape room poster
Corby & Leeds BRANCH
Difficulty Level:


Accompanying Victor Frankenstein in his life's mission to create new life from death, this time critical mission is putting all your research to the test. You must be ready before lightning strikes. READ MORE
VX 2.0 escape room poster
Kettering & Leeds BRANCH
Difficulty Level:

VX 2.0

It’s the year 2040 and you’ve been sent on a covert mission to retrieve the deadly chemical weapon known as VX 2.0 which has been created to spark a world war and wipe out humanity as we know it. READ MORE
Salem Poster
Difficulty Level:


Deep in the Salem forest, what started as fun adventure has now turned into a desperate bid to find and destroy the Book of the Damned before the Witching Hour reaches it’s peak? READ MORE